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4 immediate benefits of forming an LLC

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2020 | Firm News |

Business Organization and Formation

If you have a brilliant idea, you are probably itching to deliver your product or service to potential customers. Still, you do not want to act too quickly. That is, a bit of planning may help you avoid a few headaches down the road. 

As an entrepreneur, you probably have a great deal on your mind. Thinking about your business’s organizational structure, though, should be high on your priority list. While you likely have options, forming a limited liability company may be the right approach. 

Here are four immediate benefits of setting up an LLC: 

  1. Simple and affordable formation

Unlike some other types of business organizations, LLCs are typically simple and affordable to start. As such, you can spend financial resources on other aspects of your business. Even better, if you startup your LLC correctly, you may minimize your chances of a future business-related dispute. 

  1. Tax benefits

Because U.S. tax law is incredibly complex, it is important to obtain trustworthy tax advice before starting any type of business. Nonetheless, with LLCs, owners usually have the option of pass-through federal taxation. This means you put business profits on your personal tax forms instead of filing a corporate return. 

  1. Management options

Even though you trust your entrepreneurial instincts, you may not have much faith in your management skills. With an LLC, you can likely elect to run the organization yourself or to hire a manager to do the job for you. 

  1. Limited liability

Limited liability is, arguably, the most important benefit of forming an LLC. That is, provided you take steps to keep your personal assets separate from the business, your creditors cannot go after them. This fact may give you peace of mind when launching your venture. 

While LLCs have a few critical benefits, they also have some drawbacks. Accordingly, before you decide to form an LLC, you must be certain it is the right organizational structure for your business model. Nevertheless, because this type of organization is often advantageous for small business owners, forming an LLC is certainly worth exploring.