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Effective Resolution Of All Types Of Business Disputes

At White, Cirrito, Nally & Lynch LLP, we provide our clients with experienced legal representation in all areas of commercial and corporate litigation. We understand business relationships and the problems that can occur, often unexpectedly, which can cause disputes between businesses as well as within a business. If a settlement between the parties is unattainable or not in your best interest, we will capably and efficiently litigate.

We Help Resolve Internal Business Conflicts

You may be faced with a dispute between corporate management and shareholders, among partners or between members of an LLC. We bring more than 30 years of experience in commercial litigation to every case. This enables us to effectively and efficiently protect you and bring the dispute to a resolution through agreement or when necessary, litigation.

These disputes take various legal forms, such as:

  • Corporate dissolution proceedings
  • Derivative shareholder actions
  • Fiduciary duty issues
  • Breach of business arrangement

Lawsuits Between Businesses

Conflicts between businesses are a natural part of doing business. However, you should consult with an experienced Long Island commercial litigation lawyer as soon as you think that litigation may be a possible result of a dispute with another business. Negotiations are best performed with the consultation and advice of knowledgeable legal counsel. We have experience in many varieties of disputes that arise between businesses, such as:

Consumer Disputes

Whether your business is the subject of a consumer dispute or you are a consumer with a complaint against another business, our seasoned commercial litigation attorneys capably can handle the matter.

We are your reliable course of action when you are faced with problems such as:

  • Consumer fraud complaints
  • Debt collection
  • Billing and fee disputes
  • Nondelivery of goods and services

Realistic Solutions From Long Island Corporate Litigation Attorneys

White, Cirrito, Nally & Lynch LLP, in Hempstead, New York, is there for you when you have a conflict that needs resolution. Call 516-292-1818 or contact us online. We are skilled negotiators and zealous litigators.