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Proper Contract Negotiation And Drafting Reduces Your Risk

Your construction contract should govern all aspects and eventualities of a project. Your needs and interests need to be protected, whether you are the general contractor, trades contractor, construction manager, project owner or developer. At White, Cirrito, Nally & Lynch LLP, in Hempstead, New York, we have the experience and knowledge to prepare and negotiate your construction contract to reduce your risk throughout the project whatever your interest in the project may be.

Anticipating And Minimizing Risk Through Well-Crafted Construction Contracts

Each party to a construction contract has its own particular issues and concerns. Successfully to prepare and negotiate a sound construction contract, it equally must protect all parties and equitably apportion the risk. At White, Cirrito, Nally & Lynch LLP, we have the experience and abilities successfully to negotiate a well-drawn construction contract acceptable to all parties.

Fully Understand The Construction Contract Terms Before Signing

It is a mistake to sign a construction contract before consulting with a knowledgeable commercial law attorney. Even if you think you understand all major terms and conditions of the contract, ask yourself if you understand the boilerplate legal clauses that are part of almost every construction contract. The process of discussing the terms of the construction contract with an experienced New York construction contract attorney may bring to light aspects of the contract that expose you to risks that you had not previously considered.

When dealing with construction contract that involves legal jargon, ask yourself:

  • After understanding the legal meaning of the terms of the contract, are you certain that you can live up to the requirements of the contract?
  • Do you understand the ramifications and exposure to which you may be subject to, particularly considering the indemnification clauses contained in the contract?
  • Does the contract require you to arbitrate any disputes, or utilize another form of alternative dispute resolution, rather than solving the dispute in a court of law? Is that in your best interest?
  • Does the contract lock you into litigating a contract dispute in a jurisdiction unfavorable to your needs or interests, or likely cost you excessive legal expenses?

We can advise you throughout the contracting process, including dealing with these questions and concerns.

Risk Management Through Experienced Representation In Long Island

Contact White, Cirrito, Nally & Lynch LLP, in Hempstead, for quality yet reasonably priced construction contract attorneys. Call 516-292-1818 for an initial consultation or contact us online. Our attorneys will always be accessible and attentive to your needs.