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Knowledgeable In All Aspects Of New York Landlord-Tenant Law

At White, Cirrito, Nally & Lynch LLP, we are experienced and knowledgeable in all areas of landlord-tenant proceedings in New York City, as well as in Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk counties. We represent both landlords and tenants in landlord-tenant disputes involving residential as well as commercial properties.

We provide efficient and timely representation in all landlord-tenant matters. Our vast experience in New York landlord-tenant law allows us to give you exceptional representation whether you are a commercial or residential tenant or landlord. We capably handle either side of landlord-tenant disputes, including those involving:

  • Nonpayment
  • Holdovers
  • Rent overcharge
  • Subletting disputes
  • Alleged violation of lease clauses
  • Nuisance allegations
  • Noise complaints
  • Lease renewal disputes
  • Disputes over assignments of leases and subleasing on commercial properties

Additionally, we have a great deal of experience representing landlords in rent-stabilized and Section 8 housing, and in Division of Housing & Community Renewal proceedings.

Renters’ Rights And Landlord Obligations

The rights given to renters by law establish duties that landlords are obligated to fulfill. Conflicts between the two will lead to landlord-tenant disputes and potentially expensive litigation. If you are a landlord, you should consult with an experienced New York real estate attorney. Don’t wait to be sued by your tenant. Discover from knowledgeable New York landlord-tenant lawyers what your obligations are pertaining to tenants so that you can avoid a lawsuit and its resulting legal expenses.

Renters’ rights in New York are a complicated mass of laws, applying differently to different properties depending on whether the property is regulated or unregulated. Some properties in New York are regulated and may be subject to rent stabilization, rent control or other forms of housing regulations. There are also federal rights granted to tenants and prospective tenants.

Landlords need to be aware of their responsibilities to their tenants. For example, new federal rights protect tenants when the landlord is in foreclosure. A qualified and experienced New York real estate lawyer will appropriately guide you to avoid lawsuits while providing you with knowledgeable representation in the event that you are sued.

Condominium And Co-Op Disputes In Metropolitan New York

A related but much different set of laws and rules applies to disputes regarding condominiums and co-ops. We are well-versed and experienced in that area of property disputes. Our extensive involvement in real estate law gives us the knowledge to negotiate amicably satisfactory agreements in many co-op and condominium disputes, saving the parties costly litigation expenses.

Protecting The Rights And Obligations Of Renters And Landlords

We have a combined 75 years of experience successfully representing landlords and tenants in real estate disputes. Phone White, Cirrito, Nally & Lynch LLP for an initial consultation at 516-292-1818 or contact us online.